Feature Therapist – Kim Holmes

Mother and animal-lover – Kim Holmes was born and bred in Bradford, before               relocating to Leeds where she has now resided for over 20 years. Working in insurance, Kim gained strong experience in accounts, finance and relationship management.

Kim Holmes


After being made redundant, Kim found the opportunity to change career path and pursue something she felt passionate about.

Kim trained and became fully qualified in Bowen Therapy, achieving a VTCT qualification in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage therapy. She then gained further qualifications in anatomy, physiology and emergency first aid procedures.

Initially training in Bowen to work with animals Kim first studied Bowen Therapy for people. She found the course so interesting and inspiring (also beneficial to her own asthma), that she dedicated herself to providing Bowen Therapy for people to this day and is still amazed and inspired by the therapy.

Now that Kim offers her own service of Bowen therapy, she adds “I am constantly amazed at how effective this therapy is, and delighted that my clients experience the benefits of Bowen, with noticeable improvements in their day to day activities and function.” As well as treating musculo-skeletal issues, Kim works with people living with neurological problems such as MS and Parkinson’s, and works with the West Yorkshire MS Therapy Centre. She also has a number of clients living with fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.

Just over a year spent as treasurer for the BTPA, Kim brings her accountancy skills, as well as energy, enthusiasm and her love of Bowen treatment to the role.

Naomi Kent, presenter from Radio Aire, received Bowen treatment from Kim, giving her account on how she found it:

What complaint or symptoms brought you for a Bowen treatment?

“Bad lower back pain & tension”

What did your symptoms prevent you from doing?

“I had to stop running & exercising and found even sitting down painful”

Have you been able to resume doing them partially/fully since having Bowen treatment?

“The pain has virtually disappeared with just an occasional twinge and I’m back to running & exercising fully again which is great.”

Testimonial of my Bowen Therapy experience (How have you benefited from your Bowen treatment?)

“Kim has not only helped me with the problems in my lower back which she has magically erased, she has also helped with tension headaches & overall stress.”

“I find the experience of Bowen really relaxing, Kim made me feel completely at ease & the fact she managed to not only get rid of the initial issue but improve other areas of my health and wellbeing was a great bonus. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

One client that is “constantly singing Kim’s praises and the benefits of Bowen, telling everyone whatever their problem to go and see her” is Linda from Bradford.

Linda suffered a lot of pain in her legs and knees and was suggested to go to and see Kim for some Bowen treatment. To determine the route of where the pain stems from, the treatment involves clients talking with the therapist beforehand so that they can establish the problem areas and feel comfortable. A full consultation is undertaken to determine the problem more fully, to include any history behind it. This allows for a more thorough diagnosis and allows the therapist to target the problem more efficiently.

After Linda expressed that every step she took was painful, the gentle treatment managed to get rid of the tightness and pain in Linda’s legs and she found that “one treatment a month it keeps away the pain.”

As a result of Bowen, Linda no longer has to worry about being in pain when getting out of chairs and can now do it with ease. She also finds going up and down the stairs a lot easier than she used to.

 “BTPA have been a great support to me as I have ventured into the world of self employed therapist and I sincerely hope that I can now contribute support to the committee and our members.

– Kim Holmes. BTPA, FHT, CNHC – Bowen Therapist.

Kim Holmes can be contacted at these clinics:


Hand and Foot Clinic,

85e Town Street, Horsforth,


LS18 5BP

Telephone: 0113 281 8289

Mobile:        07850 268 762

Wednesday and Thursday


Room 907,

905 Harrogate Road, Greengates,


BD10 0QY

Telephone: 01274 622006

Mobile:        07850 268 762



Studio Pilates Wellbeing Centre,

32a Leeds Road,


LS29 8DS

Mobile:          07850 268 762



West Yorkshire Multiple Sclerosis Centre,

Leeds Road, Rawdon,


LS19 6JY

Telephone: 0113 250 4528

Friday morning and by appointment

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