Happy Bowen-tines Day!

Whether you’re married, in a relationship or single, Bowen is the key to make Valentines Day special for both those celebrating or commiserating. Give a Bowen treatment to your loved one, or give a Bowen treatment to yourself. Either way, Bowen can be the helping hand to many ailments you are suffering with.

The BTPA is an independent establishment working for the good of both the end client of Bowen therapy and its members. Bowen therapy is made up of small, rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points on the body, administered by a qualified Bowen practitioner. The therapy works to release stress at a deep level for problems including stress and depression, infant colds, coughs and eczema, and low energy to name a few.

The drug-free treatment is non-invasive and aims to stimulate the body to re-align, address imbalances, as far as possible, and restore the body to homeostasis. One Bowen patient suffered from an extreme case of eczema, particularly on her face, backs of hands and breasts with erratic body temperature and trouble sleeping. After continued prolonged Bowen treatment the patient now has “beautiful skin” according to her Bowen practitioner.

This is an extreme example; however Bowen can help even the smallest of pains and strains. Take a look at the list of ailments that Bowen can help on our website [link: http://www.bowentherapy.org.uk/Bowen/bowen-testimonials.asp].


For more information on how Bowen can be of help to your loved one or yourself and to find the nearest therapist, click here Bowen Therapy (link to: http://www.bowentherapy.org.uk/Bowen/btpa-find-therapist.asp). For even more information call 0844 561 7173, or send an email to ask@BowenTherapy.org.uk

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