Featured Therapist – Kate Fullerlove

Kate Fullerlove is a BTPA member and Bowen Therapist located in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Kate has been practicing Bowen Therapy for nearly 6 years after having a life changing introduction to Bowen Therapy.

Kate told us about her Bowen story – “I grew up in Shropshire and moved to London, after leaving college, where I got into business life in the city.  I headed off travelling in my early twenties and whilst working in northern Australia, I was involved in a bad car accident.  I suffered severe back and head injuries and was unconscious for a week. KateAustralia19810001 I had been rescued by The Royal Flying Doctor Service and spent a month in Mount Isa hospital and then was transferred to Brisbane hospital. Life after the accident became quite difficult with back pain in particular. It was soon after my return to London that I discovered Osteopathy. I found that Osteopathy was helpful but I had to keep up regular visits to manage the pain I was experiencing.

Failing to benefit long term from Osteopathy I tried Pilates after it was recommended to me. For the next 5 years I went to a one on one session with a Pilate’s instructor where I exercised for around 4-5 hours a week, completely rebuilding the muscular structure in my back and allowing me to live virtually pain free again.

Quite a few years later my interest in alternative medicine had gripped me. I have always had a real interest in alternative medicine and after having my daughter, I decided to start a three year course studying homeopathy in Shropshire. It was during that time when I first came across Bowen Therapy and I was astounded by its efficacy.

Bowen BTPA athletic male image
The time that Bowen Therapy really stood out to me was when I was struggling with pain in my right hip that had been tormenting me throughout the night. I thought I would try Bowen Therapy to resolve the pain and I’m glad I did! The results were almost instant, I was so amazed!

What impressed me most was the gentleness of the treatment and how it helped resolve core problems on a far more long term basis than I believed possible; the fact that the body is stimulated to re-balance itself without the need for skeletal manipulation really puzzled me!  I remember thinking during my treatment; ‘How’s that going to change anything?’ I was gobsmacked by the results and decided I want to learn how to practice Bowen Therapy.

I then began to train in Bowen Therapy with David Howells at the European College of Bowen Studies. Once I had become a qualified Bowen Therapist I began working part time at the Castle Clinic, where I have remained practicing Bowen Therapy for more than 4 years now.


I always get such a sense of satisfaction in seeing patients turn their lives around with Bowen Therapy; the common theme that runs through the majority of those treated, is the increased sense of well-being.  Like any other form of medicine, be it allopathic or ‘alternative’, I cannot claim that it helps 100 per cent of patients, however, I find that it never ceases to impress me with the high percentage of patients it does help. I belong to the Shropshire Regional Interest Group, (SHRIG) a group of Bowen Therapists who are members of the BTPA, and this is the feeling that is common among all of the Bowen therapists there and the others I know outside of this group.


There is a great sense of community within the BTPA and I find word of mouth publicity works really well. For 3 years, a couple of Bowen Therapists and I would give free Bowen Therapy sessions to those who completed the Bridgnorth Walk (a 22 mile sponsored walk for charity) to aid the walkers in their recovery. Last year I decided to give the walk a go myself and raised over £200 for the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund and got a Bowen treatment afterwards from a friend of mine to help with my recovery time!”

Kate has certainly demonstrated to her clients the benefit of receiving Bowen Therapy as she regularly receives influxes of positive testimonials from clients whose lives have been improved since having Bowen Therapy.

KFullerloveFeb13.jpg Kate Fullerlove is based The Castle Clinic in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. To book a Bowen Therapy session with Kate Fullerlove call 07814792823 or email on Kfullerlove@gmail.com. To Visit Kate’s website, click here

For more information on Bowen Therapy, visit the Bowen Therapy Professional Association website here. To find a BTPA certified therapist click here.

2 thoughts on “Featured Therapist – Kate Fullerlove

  1. I am a client of Kate’s and cannot praise her enough. She is always cheerful and very competant with her Bowen Therapy and her homeopathy – there are many occasions that Kate has worked wonders!! Thank you Kate

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