Missing Out On Brisk Autumn Walks?

Woman in red coat walking in Autumn leaves

To most people, the idea of a brisk Autumn walk is delightful. The air that holds a pleasant bite, the burnt hues of the falling leaves, conkers falling on the ground and happy dogs and children running through leaf piles.

A brisk Autumn walk is good for you, but what happens if walking can cause you more damage than good?

For most, walking is an inexpensive and enjoyable form of exercise that can be taken alone or in a group as part of a social activity. Often extensive walking and prior injuries can lead to pain in muscles and complications within the foot and ankle bones. These problems can ultimately be minor, but they can really be detrimental to your health and diminish your desire to take a walk.

If the idea of going for a walk can feel overwhelming or daunting, perhaps you should consider Bowen Therapy. Bowen Therapy is an alternative technique that is designed to revolutionise the way people seek treatments for a range of exercise based injuries. The non-invasive technique sees a specially trained therapist gently move their thumbs and fingers over muscles, ligaments and tendons in a rolling motion. These motions are done at the specific point of the body that needs the help depending on the individuals condition. Unlike a regular massage, Bowen Therapy adopts a different approach by ‘asking’ the body to change, rather than using physical force to ‘make’ the body recover.


The gentle pressure that Bowen uses eases walking injuries and can improve future walking ability after the first few sessions. Bowen Therapy is largely favoured amongst walkers because the majority of us walk each and every day – meaning that we don’t have the time to stay off our feet for the recovery time many surgical procedures would require.

To learn more about how Bowen therapy can help, or to find a Bowen therapist near you, http://www.bowen-therapy.co or call 0844 561 7173.

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