BTPA Palliative Care CPD Event

BTPA has recognised that there are a number of opportunities for Bowen practitioners to work in the Palliative care area in hospices, day care centres and with clients with terminal illnesses.

To assist those practitioners who have no or little experience of Palliative care, BTPA are hosting “The Palliative Care CPD Event” where you can expand your knowledge of Palliative care through workshops, guest speakers and networking with other Bowen Practitioners.

The Venue

The Palliative Care CPD event is being held on Saturday 4th and/or Sunday 5th October at the Dunchurch Park Hotel, Dunchurch, Warwickshire. Lunch and refreshments are provided on both days and are included in the price of the event. Hotel bookings can be discounted using the exlusive code 270091 when booking over the phone directly to the Dunchurch Park Hotel. The offer grants the BTPA guests a double bedroom for £70 or a single room for £55, both including breakfast.


Saturday’s Agenda

On Saturday, there is a choice of two full day workshops at the event. The workshops start at 9.30 am and finish at 5.30 pm.

Helen Perkins – The Role of the Bowen Therapist in Palliative Care

Helen Perkins is an accredited Bowen Instructor with the Bowen Academy of Australia. Having worked for ten years within the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia, Helen returned to the UK and set up a complimentary therapy service within the Sue Ryder Care Hospice, Cambridge. Helen now works with patients at the Sue Ryder Hospice with neurological diseases, cancer and other terminal diseases.

The key elements covered within Helen’s workshop are:

  • Selecting the right Bowen treatment plan for the patients conditions
  • Relationships with patients, careers and relatives
  • How to carry out an effective consultation with the patient following the right procedures
  • Developing your communication and counselling skills

You can claim 14 Bowen CPD points by carrying out this workshop.  The cost of this workshop is £90 and can be booked by calling 01733 555476 or emailing



Dr Rosy Daniel – Health Creation Coaching and the Picture of Health

After leaving the Bristol Caner Help Centre in 1999 Dr Rosy Daniel vowed to bring all that she had learned into proactive health creation for individuals and organisations. Rosy is keen to connect with those who share her passion to make health and not illness the norm within society.

The key elements covered in Dr Rosy’s workshop are:

  • Learning about the holistic self assessment tool, The Picture of Health.
  • Exploring the Life Energy Factor and how it can create self awareness and help to set life changing goals.
  • How to utilise and establish holistic health promotion

You can claim 12 Non Bowen CPD points by carrying out this workshop. The cost of this workshop is £90 and can be booked by calling 01225 745737 or emailing


Sunday’s Agenda

On Sunday, a series of guest talks will be carried out throughout the day alongside a number of workshops which are taking place between the guest talks.

Guest Speakers

Dr Steven Garbutt – The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

Dr Steven will be discussing the physical needs of patients at the end of primary cancer treatment, whether they have a terminal diagnosis or have had curative treatment but have ongoing problems either as a result of their cancer or its treatment. He will also be recognising the common symptoms and problems faced by patients with incurable diseases and identifying opportunities to assist them.

Fiona Bassett – Understanding Parkinson’s

Fiona will be presenting a brief overview of Parkinson’s and will take in the signs and symptoms  of Parkinson’s, the diagnosis of Parkinson’s and the impact of living with Parkinson’s. A topic also discussed within this talk will provide an understanding of the side effects and challenges of medication that people with Parkinson’s face and which are often seen as behavioural issues.

Mike Watson – Bowen Working with Cancer

Mike is a Bowen therapist who has worked at the Cancer Support Centre in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands for the last seven years. He will be talking about his experiences in working with people affected by Cancer, whether directly or indirectly, and the lasting impact that Bowen can have in reducing stress, anxiety and pain, at a venerable time in their lives.

Bowen Technique photo-shoot!


You can choose 2 workshops to attend from the following:

Mindfulness – Shelly Arkless

The mindfulness session will introduce participants to the concept of mindfulness and will begin to teach participants to differentiate between how we think and what we feel, recognising our

Habitual, ineffective patterns of thinking and acting when stressed when stressed, and how to respond differently to make ourselves more accepting and thus be more resilient to stressful situations


Chronic Pain and Bowen – Randy Barber

In this workshop we will explore current understandings of chronic pain conditions. Suggestions are made as to how Bowen Practitioners may adapt their approach when treating people who suffer from chronic back pain.


The Couch Can Be Your Worst Enemy – Penny Gibbings & Fiona Davis

We shall be discussing the importance of client comfort during treatment. The Emmett Technique for pain relief and muscle release lends itself to this and during the second part of the workshop we shall be demonstrating some Emmett moves on willing volunteers


Listening Training – Pamela Jackson

The aim will be to increase self awareness around listening to others and to raise awareness around how we communicate. The workshop will include exploring listening skills and how we apply them. Empathy, Unconditional Positive Regard, and Congruence, the three core conditions that create the right environment for listening will be introduced.

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Dry January: Just the Beginning of 2014

Dry January - resized

Following on from our blog on festive time blues and that groggy feeling, Dry January is the perfect way to combat those New Year blues. Completing Dry January is a great way to start the year and why stop there? Bowen therapy could be the next new experience of your year.

What is Dry January?

A campaign led by national charity Alcohol Concern. The aim of Dry January is to stay off the booze while you ‘lose weight, feel better, save money and make a difference’. The money raised will help Alcohol Concern to increase awareness of the problem of alcohol misuse.

Some benefits of receiving Bowen therapy include more energy and a generally better outlook on life, similar to that of Dry January. By treating the whole body with gentle rolling movements, Bowen therapy helps to realign your body back to homeostasis. Sessions range from 30-60 minutes with problems usually being resolved in 1-3 sessions, while long standing problems may require longer.

Be it muscle problems, insomnia or lethargy, Bowen therapy can help a list of body ailments. One Bowen patient suffering from aches, pains and lack of sleep said “I heartily recommend the Bowen Technique to anyone who wants to remember how it feels to wake up refreshed; looking forward to the new day knowing you can deal with whatever it may bring.” This sounds like a refreshing way to start 2014.

We are now nearing the end of January and according to the Dry January website 17239 people are taking part in the campaign. Well done if you are 1/17239th of that amazing number. Now onto the next venture – Bowen therapy. If Bowen therapy sounds of interest to you visit our website here to find out more about how we can help you

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A Bowen New Year

The Christmas festivities have officially ceased for another year and we all know the post-Christmas groggy, overindulged feeling all too well. Every year the same phrases are always uttered, “this is my year”, “New Year, new me” and “this is the year for change” to name just a few. Why not put these sayings into practice this year rather than falling back into old habits. Bowen could be just the breath of fresh air that you need.

Bowen is the gentle, non-invasive therapy that set the scene for the body to heal body ailments and pains. This New Year should be one where you actually make the change and leave those aches and pains behind. Bowen therapy can be used to help many symptoms that you may be dealing with, both physical and emotional.

Using rolling movements through light clothing, Bowen therapy releases stress at a deep level stimulating the body to address the problems and attempt to restore a normal balance as much as possible. One Bowen patient prior to receiving Bowen treatment was off work due to bad depression, feeling so ill that she couldn’t leave bed until about 3 in the afternoon. Before her third treatment two weeks later she is now waking up at 6am and is said to be “buzzing about”.

This is just one example of how Bowen works and can help to become a new you in the New Year. Try something new, make this your year and the year for change and see how Bowen therapy can help you.

Have a very Happy New Year from the BTPA.

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