Can Bowen Help Aid Mental Health Disorders?

Every day millions of people are living with depression, bipolar, anxiety, eating disorders and more. This week sees the arrival of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ bringing a spotlight onto the various mental health disorders humankind are burdened with.

Although this week may seek to raise awareness, it provides little comfort to those whose battles are persistently ongoing. They have to cope with their illness each and every day; sometimes with little optimism of it getting better. The knowledge that many mental health disorders are lifelong illnesses can make those who have them hesitant to talk about it, and consequently those who don’t have them are uninformed.

Mental Health Awareness Week is an important reminder to the public that there is still a strong negative stigma towards those who do have mental health illnesses. Although slowly we as a nation are becoming more open-minded and tolerant, there is still a long way to go.

depression in the rain

Did you know Bowen Therapy can actually help to ease symptoms of many mental health disorders?

Bowen Therapy is a technique that sees gentle and precise soft tissue manipulation, performed by subtle rolling manoeuvres of the fingers and thumbs. Instead of forcing the body to change, Bowen aims to guide the body into making these changes itself. Bowen does not try to fix specific health problems, but rather to help the body reach a more harmonious state in which it can better cure itself. Short-term benefits are said to include a sense of relaxation. Longer-term effects may include better overall well-being or improvements in disease states.


Here is a testimonial example of how Bowen could help you if you suffer with depression:
“A 30 year old lady is off work due to bad depression. She can barely get out of bed and is not eating properly. Before the first treatment she has stiff shoulders, bad headaches, depression which is getting worse. She is taking anti-depressants and feels so ill she can’t get out of bed till about 3 in the afternoon. Before the third treatment two weeks later she is now waking up at 6am, up and making coffee and buzzing about. The depression gradually cleared over several months. She started walking every day, and taking Omega 3 oil. It is interesting to note that this lady had been told when she was 13 that she would probably never be able to have children due to damage to her ovaries. She had been married and had not conceived. Several months after the Bowen treatment she started to ovulate for the first time in her life and was shocked to find out she was pregnant! A year later she is pregnant again.”

Here is a testimonial example of how Bowen could help you if you suffer with an eating disorder:
“Bowen, although a physical therapy has helped me more in an emotional way, to cope with my Eating Disorder. I am learning to see life as more of a series of challenges rather than problems, and I try to applaud myself for trying something even if it doesn’t work out, rather than feeling a constant failure. I am happier to ask for help if I need it rather than feeling that that is another admission of failure and most of all, I can love and respect myself. I no longer have an Eating Disorder dominating my life. Yes – it is still there ‘waiting in the wings’ but I am in control of it. It is safe to be ME without hiding behind it. It is safe to slowly let it out of my life and to allow myself to be happy and live a fulfilling life with fun, laughter and enjoyment.”

Here at the BTPA, we understand how much of a burden a mental health disorder can feel like. We want to reassure you that having a mental health disorder can happen to any of us and it is not something to be ashamed of.

To learn more about how Bowen therapy can help with mental health disorders, or to find a Bowen therapist near you, or call 0844 561 7173.