National Pet Month

Bowen on ladyWould you be lost without your early morning woodland walks with your beautiful Border Collie? How would you cope without your late-night wheel-running ball-rolling adventures with your Syrian Hamster? What would you do without those all-day snuggles you and your pet share on those days that you’re ill?

If any of the above apply to you, April is the month for you as its National Pet Month in the UK. Running all the way from the 1st April to the 2nd May. The month now in its 27th year offers you the chance to join in with a nation of animal lovers to celebrate the wonderful impact they have on our lives. This year’s focus is on raising awareness of and building responsible pet ownership, reminding us of just how important it is to provide exceptional levels of care for our pets.

As well as ensuring your pet is sociable and well trained, provided with a nutritious and well balanced diet, protected against disease, and regularly cleaned up after and wormed, you must always groom your pet regularly. horses 2.png

Whilst pampering your pet in the confines of your home is always a royal treat for your furry friend, you can always take it a step further and really spoil them with our very own Bowen Therapy. Yes, that’s right, the drug-free, non-invasive, hands-on remedial therapy isn’t just for the humans of your family – it’s for your pets too!

The simple therapy involves the practitioner making small rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue at precise points, using only the amount of pressure appropriate for animals.

Between each set of moves, your pet can rest for a few minutes allowing them to soak up the days pampering bit by bit, letting them absorb and initiate any healing processes Bowen may bring.bowen dog

Working wonders with the likes of Dogs and Horses, the treatment not only aids any muscular or seasonal problems, but leaves our beloved pets as calm and relaxed as they’ve ever been, leaving them with an extra spring in their step.

If you’re looking to spoil your pets, yourself, or both of you, find out if there’s a qualified Bowen practitioner near you.


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