Featured Therapist: Tricia Underwood


Tricia Underwood has been a member of the BTPA ever since it started, originally getting into Bowen therapy after hearing a radio interview with Julian Baker. The segment was discussing the Bowen Technique, and Tricia found herself intrigued: looking up the technique with the aim of finding a contact.

Tricia trained with Oswald and Elaine Rentsch , two Australians who were trained by Tom Bowen himself. Julian Baker also supported Tricia’s training in 1996/7. The Bowen Technique is a form of Holistic Therapy which promotes healing within the body as well as the soul, aiding the recipient: physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically. The Bowen Technique is a dynamic system of gentle moves on the soft tissue of your skin to stimulate energy flow, empowering the body’s own resources to heal. “My job is to keep my clients fit and healthy.”

Always keen to better herself, Tricia has many qualifications including ITEC Diplomas and Certificates in the following:

  • Bowen Technique
  • Bowen Reflexology
  • Reflexology
  • Advanced No Hands Massage
  • Anatomy, Physiology & Swedish Massage
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Stress management.
  • Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles)
  • Reiki Level I & II
  • Beauty Therapy (With The Carlton Institute of Beauty Therapy)

Tricia does not only practice Bowen therapy, but she also receives it too. Having had the occasional bout of severe Sciatica, she’s found that Bowen can improve her symptoms greatly, claiming: “It’s important to take responsibility for my own action in getting better, by listening to my bodies responses, such as; pain, swelling, irritation etc” and that by doing so she can improve her bodies response. “I have a regular monthly Bowen Technique treatment so that I maintain my good health and stay fit and healthy, rather than try to get better when I have neglected myself.”

bowenWhen asked how she’s seen Bowen therapy help other people, Tricia told us; “I have seen physical changes take place in clients, for instance the straightening of their posture or the position of their back. I have seen clients emotion become calmer and less agitated. I have seen the reduction of stress and tension from mental anguish. Their bodies find the energy to repair and improve…helping them to become calmer, more relaxed, able to sleep and eat better enabling them to have improved wellbeing.”

Here are some stories Tricia has told us about her happy customers, whom she believes all have a substantially better quality of life after 3 treatments or sooner:

“One lady came with a back pain she had suffered with for 20 years, after treatment she reported her pain had gone and her posture was improved.”

“A gentleman Pilot was suffering with sciatica, and after treatment within the next couple of days he reported great improvement and he was able to go to work.”

“Another lady came to me after a hip replacement, it’s now 10 years later and she still returns on a regular basis. Top up sessions keep her mobile, active and comfortable. She now does Yoga, exercise, takes walks and looks after her grandchildren- saying this is all due to the Bowen Technique.”

It’s clear to see just how passionate Tricia is about others: “It is always rewarding to see a client who comes to me looking and feeling unwell, stressed and generally down, possibly with pain and to walk out after a treatment with a spring in their step, a smile on their face and a feeling of wellbeing. ”

Separate from her work with The BTPA, Tricia worked with the Healing Hands Network Charity for several years; a position that saw her travel to aid those who were suffering due to the effects of war and concentration camps. At present she continues to help out with the Charity within the UK.

Tricia is also the Vice President of the Rotary Club of Croydon South – highlighting just how much she loves to help others. Rotary Club’s help both their local community and also internationally; helping others to gain a better quality of life.

Tricia Underwood runs the Natural Heath Clinic from her home in Croydon, London (by appointment only). She also works at The Retreat in Caterham on the Hill and does home visits locally- but additional fees may apply. To book a Bowen Therapy session with Tricia call 07956343086 or email on tricia@naturalhealth-clinic.co.uk. To Visit Tricia’s website, click  here

For more information on Bowen Therapy, visit the Bowen Therapy Professional Association website  here. To find a BTPA certified therapist click  here.

Featured Therapist – Kate Fullerlove

Kate Fullerlove is a BTPA member and Bowen Therapist located in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Kate has been practicing Bowen Therapy for nearly 6 years after having a life changing introduction to Bowen Therapy.

Kate told us about her Bowen story – “I grew up in Shropshire and moved to London, after leaving college, where I got into business life in the city.  I headed off travelling in my early twenties and whilst working in northern Australia, I was involved in a bad car accident.  I suffered severe back and head injuries and was unconscious for a week. KateAustralia19810001 I had been rescued by The Royal Flying Doctor Service and spent a month in Mount Isa hospital and then was transferred to Brisbane hospital. Life after the accident became quite difficult with back pain in particular. It was soon after my return to London that I discovered Osteopathy. I found that Osteopathy was helpful but I had to keep up regular visits to manage the pain I was experiencing.

Failing to benefit long term from Osteopathy I tried Pilates after it was recommended to me. For the next 5 years I went to a one on one session with a Pilate’s instructor where I exercised for around 4-5 hours a week, completely rebuilding the muscular structure in my back and allowing me to live virtually pain free again.

Quite a few years later my interest in alternative medicine had gripped me. I have always had a real interest in alternative medicine and after having my daughter, I decided to start a three year course studying homeopathy in Shropshire. It was during that time when I first came across Bowen Therapy and I was astounded by its efficacy.

Bowen BTPA athletic male image
The time that Bowen Therapy really stood out to me was when I was struggling with pain in my right hip that had been tormenting me throughout the night. I thought I would try Bowen Therapy to resolve the pain and I’m glad I did! The results were almost instant, I was so amazed!

What impressed me most was the gentleness of the treatment and how it helped resolve core problems on a far more long term basis than I believed possible; the fact that the body is stimulated to re-balance itself without the need for skeletal manipulation really puzzled me!  I remember thinking during my treatment; ‘How’s that going to change anything?’ I was gobsmacked by the results and decided I want to learn how to practice Bowen Therapy.

I then began to train in Bowen Therapy with David Howells at the European College of Bowen Studies. Once I had become a qualified Bowen Therapist I began working part time at the Castle Clinic, where I have remained practicing Bowen Therapy for more than 4 years now.


I always get such a sense of satisfaction in seeing patients turn their lives around with Bowen Therapy; the common theme that runs through the majority of those treated, is the increased sense of well-being.  Like any other form of medicine, be it allopathic or ‘alternative’, I cannot claim that it helps 100 per cent of patients, however, I find that it never ceases to impress me with the high percentage of patients it does help. I belong to the Shropshire Regional Interest Group, (SHRIG) a group of Bowen Therapists who are members of the BTPA, and this is the feeling that is common among all of the Bowen therapists there and the others I know outside of this group.


There is a great sense of community within the BTPA and I find word of mouth publicity works really well. For 3 years, a couple of Bowen Therapists and I would give free Bowen Therapy sessions to those who completed the Bridgnorth Walk (a 22 mile sponsored walk for charity) to aid the walkers in their recovery. Last year I decided to give the walk a go myself and raised over £200 for the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund and got a Bowen treatment afterwards from a friend of mine to help with my recovery time!”

Kate has certainly demonstrated to her clients the benefit of receiving Bowen Therapy as she regularly receives influxes of positive testimonials from clients whose lives have been improved since having Bowen Therapy.

KFullerloveFeb13.jpg Kate Fullerlove is based The Castle Clinic in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. To book a Bowen Therapy session with Kate Fullerlove call 07814792823 or email on Kfullerlove@gmail.com. To Visit Kate’s website, click here

For more information on Bowen Therapy, visit the Bowen Therapy Professional Association website here. To find a BTPA certified therapist click here.

Featured Therapist – Louise Harris

Louise Harris is a Bowen Therapist with an incredible story to tell. Having trained with the European College of Bowen Studies in 2007, Louise has had an extensive background of practicing Bowen Therapy, however, nothing could prepare her for what she was going to experience when she decided to visit Sarajevo, Bosnia.


Entering Bosnia; Louise knew that she was going to treating war victims with Bowen Therapy, but she was embarrassingly unaware of the reasons behind the Bosnian war and devastation and tragedy created as a result. Admittedly Louise “had no idea why the war occurred or who was fighting who”. Having no opinions as to who was right or wrong, Louise had no idea as to what actually took place in Bosnia between 1992 – 1994.

In order to prepare Louise for the types of people she would be working with, she attended a workshop to give her an insight into the injuries she would be treating with Bowen Therapy. Approaching this experience with professionalism, Louise’s main concern was not letting her emotions get in the way of her work; but no workshop could have prepared her for the Bosnian people she was about to meet and how she would end up falling in love with the country.

In an attempt to educate herself on the true horrors experienced throughout the Bosnian war, Louise visited a local museum, which came as a shock to the system. The reality of the atrocities which happened in Bosnia was finally made aware to Louise. “The reality of the only a few years ago is very surreal and difficult to understand how most of the world was unaware of what was happening.  The slogan “you are my witness” is a reminder that the Bosnians want the world to know what happened less than 20 years ago”.DSCF4493 (1)

After a couple of days experiencing Sarajevo’s culture and history, it was time for Louise to face the results of the Bosnian war first hand and treat the injured victims with Bowen Therapy.

The treatment clinics and outreach centres were a parallel world from what we have here in the UK. The treatment rooms were simply areas separated by curtains so the treatments could be received with privacy. The outreach centres on the other hand still had reminders of brutal violence. Louise explained how the outreach centres were usually located in places such as shopping centres or community centres. The outreach centers are all located in buildings that once were occupied by the enemy soldiers during the war, as a result the damage is still visible, bullet holes still remain in the walls and smashed windows have never been repaired.

The victims of war that Lousie treated with Bowen Therapy during her time in Bosnia really opened her eyes to the torture and distress the Bosnian citizens had suffered. Louise’s details of the victim’s injuries and experiences were horrendously graphic. 20 years on from the war, those victims are still suffering in pain from their injuries, both physical and mentally. Bowen Therapy was practiced on these clients to finally relieve the pain they have been suffering for majority of their lives.

The one thing that stood out to Louise was how appreciative the clients were; they never questioned the Bowen Treatment they were receiving, they were just so thankful that they were receiving help for their terrible injuries. Louse had met with some war victims who had previously received Bowen Treatment from other therapists and the feedback they gave was very positive!


Louise’s experience in Sarajevo has been priceless. It has helped her grow as a Bowen practitioner, she obviously wishes to encounter nothing like Sarajevo in the UK, however she feels prepared for so much more now after this experience.

Louise is a member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) who provide standards of professional excellence and a code of practice for the protection and benefit of the public and members. This means that she is fully insured and abides by formal codes of ethics and conduct as well as updating her knowledge and training regularly.

Located in the West Midlands, Louise treats her clients from her home in Cradley Heath near Halesowen. Not only does Louise practice Bowen Therapy on humans, she is trained to practice Bowen Therapy on Canines and Equine clients. Louise  is happy travel to surrounding West Midlands areas to treat both canine and equine clients.

If you are interested in experiencing Bowen Therapy with Louise contact her directly on:

Telephone: 07905 358 318

Email: simplybowen@hotmail.co.uk

Website: http://www.simply-bowen.co.uk


Tony Crimes, originally from a business background in Chester, is now pursuing a keen interested in sports therapy. 25 years of working in his family business was followed by a tough time with bankruptcy and by pass surgery, which saw Tony re-evaluate his life.



1995 was a turning point for Tony and his sporting interests. Just 2 months after his surgery, Tony embarked on his master’s studies in sports therapy and injuries at Prifysgol Cymru. He also qualified to teach BTech Sports Science and Anatomy Studies.

His fascination with the body’s ability to heal itself inspired Tony to expand his studies by training for Bowen therapy in 1998-1999, which fitted in well with his existing treatments. He received his Bowen qualification in 2000. Tony entered the course with a sceptical mind but quickly became fascinated by the simple moves that Bowen entails. During his training, he gained hands on experience working alongside a physiotherapist and in a number of sports clubs. He says that the feeling of stepping back into education was both thrilling and enlightening. He now holds 2 clinics a week: Monday at Park Clinic Denbigh and Wednesday at Therapy Wales, Afonwen.

As well as Bowen therapy, Tony practices his sporting interests through exercise groups twice a week and teaching BTech Sports Science one day a week. While studying to become a teacher, he attended an introductory course with David Howells, a chiropractor and Bowen teacher. David’s enthusiasm and knowledge of Bowen, which communicates with the body without manipulation, aided Tony’s decision to complete his Bowen training.

Since starting his first clinic in 1997, he has come a long way with Bowen therapy. 13 years on, he uses Bowen 80-90% of the time. Together with another Bowen therapist, Tony is due to start a children’s’ clinic in September.

For more information on Bowen for sporting injuries or to find out it’s other uses, visit the Bowen Therapy Professional Association website.


Contact Tony Crimes:

Mobile: 07748 368630
Tel: 01745 816209 
Website: www.therapywales.co.uk
Email: tony.therapy@virgin.net

Feature Therapist – Kim Holmes

Mother and animal-lover – Kim Holmes was born and bred in Bradford, before               relocating to Leeds where she has now resided for over 20 years. Working in insurance, Kim gained strong experience in accounts, finance and relationship management.

Kim Holmes


After being made redundant, Kim found the opportunity to change career path and pursue something she felt passionate about.

Kim trained and became fully qualified in Bowen Therapy, achieving a VTCT qualification in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage therapy. She then gained further qualifications in anatomy, physiology and emergency first aid procedures.

Initially training in Bowen to work with animals Kim first studied Bowen Therapy for people. She found the course so interesting and inspiring (also beneficial to her own asthma), that she dedicated herself to providing Bowen Therapy for people to this day and is still amazed and inspired by the therapy.

Now that Kim offers her own service of Bowen therapy, she adds “I am constantly amazed at how effective this therapy is, and delighted that my clients experience the benefits of Bowen, with noticeable improvements in their day to day activities and function.” As well as treating musculo-skeletal issues, Kim works with people living with neurological problems such as MS and Parkinson’s, and works with the West Yorkshire MS Therapy Centre. She also has a number of clients living with fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.

Just over a year spent as treasurer for the BTPA, Kim brings her accountancy skills, as well as energy, enthusiasm and her love of Bowen treatment to the role.

Naomi Kent, presenter from Radio Aire, received Bowen treatment from Kim, giving her account on how she found it:

What complaint or symptoms brought you for a Bowen treatment?

“Bad lower back pain & tension”

What did your symptoms prevent you from doing?

“I had to stop running & exercising and found even sitting down painful”

Have you been able to resume doing them partially/fully since having Bowen treatment?

“The pain has virtually disappeared with just an occasional twinge and I’m back to running & exercising fully again which is great.”

Testimonial of my Bowen Therapy experience (How have you benefited from your Bowen treatment?)

“Kim has not only helped me with the problems in my lower back which she has magically erased, she has also helped with tension headaches & overall stress.”

“I find the experience of Bowen really relaxing, Kim made me feel completely at ease & the fact she managed to not only get rid of the initial issue but improve other areas of my health and wellbeing was a great bonus. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

One client that is “constantly singing Kim’s praises and the benefits of Bowen, telling everyone whatever their problem to go and see her” is Linda from Bradford.

Linda suffered a lot of pain in her legs and knees and was suggested to go to and see Kim for some Bowen treatment. To determine the route of where the pain stems from, the treatment involves clients talking with the therapist beforehand so that they can establish the problem areas and feel comfortable. A full consultation is undertaken to determine the problem more fully, to include any history behind it. This allows for a more thorough diagnosis and allows the therapist to target the problem more efficiently.

After Linda expressed that every step she took was painful, the gentle treatment managed to get rid of the tightness and pain in Linda’s legs and she found that “one treatment a month it keeps away the pain.”

As a result of Bowen, Linda no longer has to worry about being in pain when getting out of chairs and can now do it with ease. She also finds going up and down the stairs a lot easier than she used to.

 “BTPA have been a great support to me as I have ventured into the world of self employed therapist and I sincerely hope that I can now contribute support to the committee and our members.

– Kim Holmes. BTPA, FHT, CNHC – Bowen Therapist.

Kim Holmes can be contacted at these clinics:


Hand and Foot Clinic,

85e Town Street, Horsforth,


LS18 5BP

Telephone: 0113 281 8289

Mobile:        07850 268 762

Wednesday and Thursday


Room 907,

905 Harrogate Road, Greengates,


BD10 0QY

Telephone: 01274 622006

Mobile:        07850 268 762



Studio Pilates Wellbeing Centre,

32a Leeds Road,


LS29 8DS

Mobile:          07850 268 762



West Yorkshire Multiple Sclerosis Centre,

Leeds Road, Rawdon,


LS19 6JY

Telephone: 0113 250 4528

Friday morning and by appointment

Featured Therapist: Jo Austen

Jo Austen got into Bowen back in 2002 after receiving treatment for a long standing shoulder and arm pain.  Having previously tried a variety of conventional and complimentary therapies to try and help, Jo finally found something that eased her pain.

Jo said: “I was away and came across this thing called the Bowen Technique.

“I thought I may as well try it and – hey presto – Bowen worked its magic, and started me on the path towards getting better myself and being able to do the same for others.”
From then, Jo was hooked and undertook training through 2003 with ECBS, together with A&P, which involved a complete change of career for her, as she had previously worked with her husband in his business. 

Bowen Treatment Cornwall

Jo now works from 2 clinics in Cornwall and runs the Bowen RIG in Cornwall, which concentrates on offering further and ongoing training for therapists in Cornwall and Devon. 

Jo added: “I am a bit of a course junky.

“I really enjoy learning as much as possible about the application of our wonderful therapy.

“It enables me to practice with confidence, and gain good, quick outcomes for many of my clients.

“Job satisfaction is way up there.  I feel so lucky to be able to do my job, which is so rewarding, and which I love.”

Jo has a YouTube channel, where she posts useful videos in which she talks about Bowen and how a treatment would be performed from start to finish. There videos are great for new clients who may not know what to expect.

If you’d like to find out more about Jo and her treatments, visit www.bowenincornwall.co.uk, call her on 01579 344090 or email joannaausten@me.com.

Featured Therapist: Agatka Warsza

“I have always had a firm belief in the natural healing ability of the body and an innate desire to help others.

“I remember as a little girl placing my hands on my mum’s aches and pains and bringing her relief.

“In my early teens, I came across a book called “Hands of Light” which confirmed scientifically, as well as spiritually, everything I had believed to be true about sickness, health and healing.
“I knew very early on that I wanted to practice some form of natural therapy.”

Agatka Warsza qualified in the Bowen Technique with the European Collegeof Bowen Studies in 2009 and is registered with the Bowen Therapy Professional Association and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.
She is also a certified and registered practitioner of massage and Reiki and holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Mathematics and Psychology.

Whilst at university, Agatka trained in Reiki and massage during holidays and began working for a mobile massage company.

“Since my mother, wherever possible, had always chosen natural therapies for me and my sister, I had experienced quite a few by the time I came across Bowen in my early twenties.

“For me Bowen was one of the most effective therapies I had received.
“I knew then that this was a therapy I wanted to specialise in; Bowen was the therapy I wanted to help people with.”

Agatka’s clients range from those with musculoskeletal complaints (back pain, frozen shoulder, RSI, sciatica) to those with conditions related to emotional stress (headaches/migraines, insomnia, high blood pressure, indigestion/IBS, depression, frequent colds/infections, allergies, skin conditions).

They also include those seeking support managing conditions such as post-stroke, cancer, cerebral palsy and expecting mothers to alleviate symptoms associated with pregnancy.

“Using Bowen, I work with clients to help trigger their body’s own restorative and healing mechanisms.

“Through my study of Maths and Psychology, I developed an analytical mind and an insight into the human psyche.

This, combined with a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology and intuition and sensitivity in my hands, allows me to choose and apply the techniques most appropriate to theneeds of each individual.”

Agatka is also regularly involved in charity and community events and provides massage to inpatients at the Royal Free Hospitalon a weekly basis.

In most cases, clients report improvements not only in the presenting condition but also experience a mental shift; feeling calmer, happier, clear mind, motivated, energised.

Agatka is a member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) who provide standards of professional excellence and a code of practice for the protection and benefit of the public and members.
This means that she is fully insured and abides by formal codes of ethics and conduct, as well as updating her knowledge and training regularly.
If you are interested in trying out Bowen, visit their website to find out what else it can help with.

If you are interested in experiencing a Bowen treatment with Agatka, contact her directly on:
T: 07904630780

E: a.warsza@hotmail.co.uk